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First Medical Team


       We will be a convenient, accessible, and appealing world – class medical center for industrial healthcare in the Philippines specializing in medical checking and health problem prevention of the global working class, starting from the Philippines, with satellite bases in key strategic areas of the Globe. We will care to land and sea based workers.



       Our mission is to ensure the health of the working class by providing them with quality, accurate health check system, made available at the most reasonable price, to be accessed in the most convenient, accessible and comfortable center.We provide pre-departure medical examination to ensure that the worker will be at his peak productive form upon arrival at the country of destination where he is bound to work, therefore assuring a powerful quality workforce.We provide the most adequate quality post-arrival medical examination to ensure a disease free worker upon return to his country of origin preventing the influx of new diseases in our country.We provide adequate health care to workers injured while on tour of duty in his country of work. We provide immediate medical attention from the time of injury abroad, to arrival at the airport, and up to immediate medical attention and recuperation at the medical center of his choice. We provide medical support to the workers immediate family while worker is abroad. We become the guardians of the workers family. We are an institution where a worker will entrust the health of his spouse and children while he is abroad to ensure a healthy family upon his return.


Clinic Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

8:00am - 12:00pm


- Quality Enhanced Pre-Employment Medical Examination
- Medical, Dental , Optical Psychological Center
- Mobile Medical Services
- DOH Accredited Drugtesting Facility
- Medical Repatriation Management


- Dermatological Packages (Contact us for details)

- Travel Packages (Through Gran Viajes Travel and Tours)

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