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Fully automated Laboratory

Equipped with fully automated machines which can produce accurate and reliable results within the shortest span of time.

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Quality Enhanced PEME

We are manned with Professional, Courteous and Reliable patient friendly staff, ready to assist you. SERVICE WITH A SMILE...

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Produces high quality and high throughput xray images. Our xray machine has processing software that automatically optimize the final image quality without the need for human intervention.

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Equipped with state of the art machine that produces reliable results

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Equipped with regularly calibrated machine that produces fast and reliable results

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Medical Repatriation Management

Consists of Experts and Specialist from Manila Doctor's Hospital

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Our Staff

Paul M. Teves, MD.

The Medical Director

Christopher F. Jerusalem, MD.

Chief Medical Officer

Josefina P. Teves, MD.


Regine Jepollo

QMR / HR Manager

Lynda Mariano

Clinic Manager

About Us

Dr. Paul M. Teves who is a practicing Family physician, company physician for several corporations, and has been working as an examining physician for the Canadian Immigrations Medical Services saw the need to professionalize further the medical services for overseas worker, landbased and seabased. He has visited several industrial clinics and noticed several deficiencies and shortcomings which could be corrected but the owners refused to listen to his plea. Most patients complained of maltreatment from unprofessional and abusive staff members. Others complained of congestion from a very large numbers of patients which seems too many for their staff to handle. He even witnessed several incidents in which the medical technologists were not doing some tests which they thought is not necessary such as complete blood counts and this decision was with the blessing of their medical director. With these observations, Dr. Teves knew that the quality of the services of these industrial medical clinics are already suffering.

Their radiologic facilities were inspected by the Radiation Health Service and was issued a license. Their laboratory was visited by the Bureau of Licensing and Registration of Laboratories and was granted a license for Primary laboratory service. Lastly, the inspection team of the Department of Health came and inspected their premises and was given an accreditation. Finally, in November of 1994, the FMT HEALTHCARE SPECIALIST GROUP, a multi- specialty and diagnostic center was born. With the Department of Health’s accreditation, they were recognized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, the Department of Labor and Employment and the Maritime Industry Authority.

In June 1, 2000, they have contracted the services of Advanced Systems Application, an ISO consultancy firm. They were audited by Lloyd's Register last April 18,2002. The clinic's quality system was evaluated and they were noted to be of global quality. They are now ISO 9001.2015 certified. We have transferred to SGS since Lloyd's has closed down. Presently, they are being handled by TUV. In 2007, the Federation of Maritime Agencies [FAMAS] organized a team of doctors to further professionalize Maritime Health Care for which Dr. Teves was selected as one of the founding members. This group is now known as Maritime Association of Doctors and Clinics of the Philippines [MARCDOC]. In the same year, Dr. Teves joined the International Maritime Health Association, [IMHA] a group of professionals involved in maritime health of different nationalities. IMHA is based in Antwerp Belgium. Dr. Teves has since attended maritime health conventions in different parts of the globe including Singapore, India, Ukraine, to mention a few. To date, Dr. Teves remains an active member of IMHA. In March of 2012, Dr. Teves trained in Aberdeen Scotland in the field of Oil and Gas Medical for which he was accredited as an Examining Doctor for Oil and Gas UK. Oil and Gas UK has a hardanger agreement with North Sea medical, NIS, and other clubs regarding accredited examining physicians. Dr. Teves also studied in Barcelona Spain and was conferred the Master’s Degree in Maritime Health by the University of Cadiz, Spain. He is one of only five with this distinction in the Philippines In the year 2018, The Panama Maritime Authority inspected the establishment and awarded FMT with their country’s accreditation to conduct pre- employment medical services on their seafarers working on ships carrying the Panama Flag Registry. IN 2022, the LIBERIAN MARITIME REGISTRY also accredited their facility. They have also added a specialty area which they call THE SKIN DEPARTMENT. It will treat all kinds of dermatological problems, whether pathological or cosmetic. They have acquired state of the art equipments to cater to seafarers and their families. Dr Josefina Teves has completed her training in Dermatology.

In their years of existence, THE FMT HEALTHCARE SPECIALIST GROUP has been entrusted by several agencies, landbased, seabased, and even local workers, with the medical requirements of their OFW applicants and several more are showing interest. Local companies are also getting their quality services. Their clinic has maintained a high quality of standard for which they are known. However, prices of their services has remained affordable and within reach. This has been the vision and policy of Dr. Teves.

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